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LED structure, properties and applications

Posted on March 27 2014 by

LED light-emitting semiconductor chip as the use of solid materials , when both ends with a positive voltage, the semiconductor carrier recombination occurs , the excess energy released due to the visible light photons emitted . In recent years , LED...

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Correct Usage of Parental Control Software to Ensure Kids Online Safety

Posted on November 18 2013 by

Since the rapid development of our society, many aspects of people’s life have been facing great changes. Virtual world created by network has become as important as the real world. As a parent with a child, you are inevitably going to be worried about...

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Watch out the Internet Bullying Threatens Your Kids

Posted on June 28 2013 by

A research has pointed out that eight out of ten students between the ages of ten and fifteen get on the internet, posting personal profile in social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and StumbleUpon, gossiping online via IM...

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Lock File to Prevent Data Theft

Posted on June 9 2013 by

The facts that data loss of enterprises and individuals leading to significant financial loss have warned us that we need to be extremely cautious about our private and confidential data and information, there is always someone out there somewhere that...

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